Ronnie O’Sullivan expresses sorry for his “dumb” remarks prior to the most recent Masters victory.

Prior to the tournament, Ronnie O’Sullivan expressed his desire to win another Masters and World Championship title to add eight Triple Crown titles to his impressive resume. “It was nice when I had 7, 7, 7, and now I’ve got 7, 7, 8. So it’d be nice to go 8, 8, 8 – the three eights,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport. However, he later expressed regret for declaring his intention to pursue eight of each Triple Crown title.


“I guess that’s the kind of motivating thing to try and possibly win another Worlds or Masters.” I expressed my happiness at having one World Championship, one UK, and one Masters; I was ecstatic.



Therefore, when we start discussing moving beyond that, I kind of simply consider everything to be an added bonus—a delicious piece of cake frosting. 8, 8, 8—let’s do this.


As expected, he defeated Ali Carter 10-7 in Sunday’s Alexandra Palace final to capture his eighth Masters championship and tie the record for most invitational event victories.


He did, however, acknowledge regretting his pre-tournament remarks prior to the final.


He remarked, “I wish I hadn’t mentioned that stupid eight, eight, eight.”


Even though I have no interest in it, there are moments when you feel compelled to speak up. However, I’m not really interested in numbers.

The focus will be on O’Sullivan at the World Championship since he has the opportunity to win all three majors in the same season for the first time in his career and increase his Triple Crown total to eight, eight, eight. This is regardless of whether records are important to him or not.


At 48 years old, that would be an incredible accomplishment, but the Rocket says he wants to have greater self-assurance in his abilities to have a better chance of pulling it off.


“I usually know in February or March whether my game is ready to win the Worlds,” he remarked. I would probably argue that right now it’s not excellent enough to feel confident about winning.


I might still prevail. However, I would want to go there somewhat assured. Longer sessions require you to learn how to cruise and win the majority of your games in second gear, but right now I have to exert all of my energy in order to succeed. this is difficult, but I’m

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