Ronnie O’Sullivan granted permission to make a change at the Masters as he acknowledges’struggling to walk’

Ronnie O’Sullivan is permitted to wear shoes that differ from those of his opponents during the Masters.


Due to a foot issue, the seven-time champion has been hindered and admitted he was “struggling to walk.”

After defeating Shaun Murphy 6-2 in the semi-final on Saturday, O’Sullivan advanced to his 14th Masters final.


He has criticized both the Alexandra Palace venue and his own performance this week.



However, it seems he has also been dealing with a medical problem, which could have affected his performance.


Observant spectators might have seen O’Sullivan was on trainers during his semifinal match.


He was allowed to switch over his shoes, even though he began the week in more formal attire.


Steve Davis, a six-time world champion, was providing commentary for the final on Sunday.


According to Davis, he has been able to wear training shoes because he has been dealing with a foot injury.


The seriousness of the injury was disclosed by O’Sullivan during Saturday’s victory over Murphy.


“I’m just trying to keep these on so my feet don’t hurt,” he said to Eurosport.


If not, they become a little sore.


“They work well in these sneakers, but the other day I had trouble walking even in my shoes.


“It’s quite painful yeah.”


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