Ronnie O’Sullivan has decided to give out one of his best Throphies to China after defeating Thump

After winning the competition for the eighth time this month, Ronnie O’Sullivan disclosed that he is considering giving his crystal Masters trophy to a buddy in China. Days before winning the World Grand Prix to clinch his third major title in 50 days, the Rocket won his most recent Masters title with a 10-7 triumph over Ali Carter in a heated match.


O’Sullivan’s illustrious career has seen him win over 80 events, and he simply does not have enough space at home to keep all of his trophies. He disclosed that he is considering sending his most recent Masters award to a buddy in China, having already transferred at least one of them to that country.


“If I can keep that one, I’ll send it back to China to one of my mates and let him keep it in his club,” O’Sullivan added. I currently use that for the majority of my awards.


The Rocket frequently donates his trophies, and after winning the Shanghai Masters last year, he gave his championship to a friend in China. He said then that he was ‘not really bothered’ to hang onto his trophies or any other mementos related to snooker, and he intends to part with them before he becomes too old.

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