Ronnie O’Sullivan is referred to as the Rocket; why? An outstanding nickname was applied to the snooker icon.

The origin of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s well-known moniker “the Rocket”


With seven World Championship titles under his belt, Ronnie O’Sullivan is regarded as one of the world’s top snooker players. O’Sullivan is regarded as one of the best snooker players of all time, having collected three world titles more than any other person.


O’Sullivan showed early aptitude for the sport and was a natural when handling a cue. The West Midlands-born prodigy, who turned professional in 1992 at the age of 16, swiftly established himself and made his World Championship debut the following year.


Given the starlet’s potential, it was just a matter of time until O’Sullivan started receiving titles. O’Sullivan broke the record for the youngest winner of a ranking tournament when he won the UK Championship at the age of 17. This record still stands today.


In the present day, O’Sullivan, who is 48 years old, has an amazing trophy chest with 41 ranking titles under his belt. In addition to his seven World Championship titles, he has won eight UK Championships and three World Grand Prix championships. In addition, he has won an astounding eight Masters titles, which when combined with his victories at the World and UK Championships, complete the coveted Triple Crown in snooker.


O’Sullivan will tie the record held by the great duo of Fred Davis and John Pulman for the second-most World Championship championships in snooker history if he manages to make it eight in the spring. In addition to his numerous achievements in the game, O’Sullivan is known as “the Rocket,” one of the most recognizable monikers in snooker.


The origin of O’Sullivan’s nickname “the Rocket” dates back to his professional debut season in the early years of his career. Given his rocket-like playing style, O’Sullivan got the nickname after winning a best-of-nine-frame match in a record-breaking 43 minutes.


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