Ronnie O’Sullivan, the winner of the Masters, reacts violently to Ali Carter’s criticism. He said [Carter] has got issues. He’s got to go and sort his life out and ..

Following criticism from the defeated Masters finalist, Ronnie O’Sullivan referred to Ali Carter as “not a nice person” and “a nightmare” to play against.


On Sunday, O’Sullivan overcame a 6-3 deficit to defeat Carter 10-7 and capture his seventh Masters championship, setting a new record.


The world champion was accused by Carter of “snotting”—that is, wiping his nose—”all over the floor” thereafter.


A representative for the World Snooker Tour stated that the entire exchange between the two players was “under review.”


The WST omitted any mention of potential consequences or a timeline.


O’Sullivan defeated Pang Junxu, a Chinese national, 4-2 on Tuesday at the Leicester World Grand Prix.


World No. 1 O’Sullivan said to ITV after winning that he will “definitely be missing a few tournaments” from now on.


To be honest, I shouldn’t have really come here, but since everything is well, I figured I would just show up. “Looking back, I should not have gone,” he continued.


“Knowing World Snooker, I’m sure they would say no to a wildcard if I were to drop off the circuit. Still, I would like to think I would obtain one.


The only thing I truly want to do is hold onto my tour card.


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