Ronnie O’Sullivan trails Judd Trump in the pivotal final of the Pocket World Grand Prix Snooker – live results, updates, and score

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN and JUDD TRUMP are now competing in the Leicester World Grand Prix final.


The Rocket, who defeated Ding Junhui 6-1 to win the Masters last weekend, advanced to the championship match.


In the meantime, Trump defeated Cao Yupeng in his semifinal round to set up today’s huge match.


O’Sullivan, 5–6 Blink, and you’ll miss Trump.


People spend a lot of money to watch Ronnie O’Sullivan for a reason.


He moves very fast. And how clever that was.


It took hardly any time at all for him to deliver an explosive 74.


It is the table’s highest break.


A cent for now, Judd Trump’s thoughts. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was experiencing some anxiety at the moment.


Is O’Sullivan making his move in this final now?


Just one frame includes it.


Before the break, one more frame.

O’Sullivan 4-6 Trump

This evening, Ronnie O’Sullivan records his first frame on the scoreboard.


And he stays ahead of the game by four frames.


In quick succession, the world No. 1 led 58-0 but missed a red to a middle pocket, which we would have expected him to hit ten times out of ten.


Judd Trump lost it at a break of twelve, just when he thought he had a chance to steal this frame.


The GOAT then settled into the rhythm, and a 56-second pause made sure he didn’t lose it.


The largest issue he was facing at the time was a small tweak involving a logo patch that had fallen off his waistcoat.


The arena is filled with O’Sullivan devotees. based only on those who have called out.


The referee reprimanded someone who went overboard.


“Don’t call out when the players are at the table, thank you,” yelled Belgian Olivier Marteel.

O’Sullivan 3-6 Trump

On the table, Ronnie O’Sullivan appeared to be starting to make a big break, but a red adamantly refused to go down a bottom pocket.


It was a poor throw.


Judd Trump scored 66 points on his subsequent visit, despite only having 19 points on the board.


However, with 51 points remaining on the table, O’Sullivan was 47 points down (19-66) because to a missed red.


The following was an interesting tactical match that Trump won 66–42 on the colors.


O’Sullivan handled a protracted safety exchange on the green, and Trump was relieved to sink the brown, blue, and pink to take a three-frame lead.


Referee Olivier Martell instructed a punter to “switch it off please” earlier in the frame after an unintentional cell phone explosion occurred in the auditorium.


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