Ronnie O’Sullivan vs. Ali Carter Live: Snooker final updates and the most recent score for the Masters 2024

Will Ali Carter win the first Masters championship of his career or will Ronnie O’Sullivan record an incredible ninth Masters victory?

The first major title of the 2024 snooker season will be decided in the Masters final between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter.


This afternoon’s opening session featured some amazing, fast-paced snooker from both players, although it was twice interrupted due to medical emergencies in the audience. Carter won the opening frame, but O’Sullivan quickly answered with a century and another fast frame to take the lead, 2-1. However, Carter finished the half level-headed after hitting his maiden century of the match with a brilliant 125.


O’Sullivan’s offensive strategy proved to be both a boon and a bane as, following the interval, he allowed Carter to score, and Carter took full advantage, scoring another outstanding century to put the team ahead 3-2. They traded the following two frames until Carter won the afternoon’s pivotal frame to lead 5-3 going into the evening in this race to 10.

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