Roonie O’Sullivan was “dis-qualified in the Grand Prix Snooker Championship against Judd Trump after breaking the rules and using has words

At the World Grand Prix, Ronnie O’Sullivan has broken a crucial rule in snooker in each and every game.


And the disobedient Rocket will do it once more in Leicester today’s final over Judd Trump.


For events, snooker players are required to wear formal dress shoes.


But in recent months, O’Sullivan, 48, has not complied with the normal standards.


Rather, he is sporting a pair of large black sneakers.


However, the world number one has a specific exemption that will keep him out of trouble with the snooker chiefs.

This is a result of O’Sullivan having a problematic foot ailment.


The seven-time world champion said in an interview with Eurosport in November that she suffered from plantar fasciitis, which is best described as feeling like a heel bruise.


Consequently, it hurts a lot to plant your foot.


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