Rumours: FC Bayern Boards May Force Mazraoui to Leave the Club Over his support to Hamas and Palestine.

For limiting the Moroccan football player’s freedom of expression, the club received criticism.


Rabat – The Moroccan footballer Noussair Mazraoui’s social media tweets in support of Palestine amid Israel’s rising brutality against Palestinians have angered the German club Bayern Munich.


The club management responded to Mazraoui’s pro-Palestine posts by getting in touch with him right away and telling him that upon his return to Munich, they would have a “in-depth personal discussion” with him.


The player and the Moroccan national football team are currently in Africa.


The club reaffirmed its dedication to specific principles while highlighting its support for Israel despite the cycle of violence it referred to as “terrorist attacks on Israel.”


“Everyone knows the principles that FC Bayern upholds, including every employee and every player. We have already publicly and unambiguously stated these ideals,” the club declared.


The club’s statement adds to the criticism and restrictions on his right to free speech that Mazraoui has already been subjected to the German media.


Additionally, Bayern Munich’s statement demonstrates a prejudice in how the war is characterized that is present in many Western organizations, presenting Palestinian resistance members as “terrorists” while supporting Israel.


Mazraoui’s stance was condemned by the German publication Bild, who charged him with “supporting terrorism.” The newspaper further urged the footballer to separate himself from the “bloodshed caused by Hamas” and requested an explanation of his beliefs.


The greater backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which includes decades of occupation and violence against Palestinians, has been emphasized by critics as being crucial to comprehend.


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Germany’s FC Bayern and it’s players support Israel and counts Hamas as terrorist group and Mazraoui support pelestine and says Hamas are fighting for their right. So Mazraoui will be soon forced to leave the club due to the conflict.

Btw I think you understand this. I’m repeating one more time. Germany’s people and the Club and majority of the supporters of the club support Israel and they condemn the Hamas attack killing many civilians. So the club motto is simple, we support Israel and condemn Hamas. But Mazraoui supports Palestine and says Hamas is fighting for justice. So as it goes against the club motto and also against many of the supporters and the local German motto. So he is getting backlash and may leave.


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