“Sad news: Jurgen kloop “Revealed” news all Liverpool fans has been scared of before match against Union SG

In advance of tonight’s Europa League match at Anfield against Union SG, read J├╝rgen Klopp’s program notes.


The Reds take on the Belgian team hoping to build on their 3-1 victory at LASK earlier this month, which launched their Group E campaign.


As we prepare to face Union Saint-Gilloise in a UEFA Europa League group match, good evening and welcome to Anfield, says Klopp.


“I believe the majority of people saw the Union SG players’ footage when the draw was made, and because our teams were placed in the same group, it is pretty obvious that they would be anticipating this match. To be completely honest, I adored their response. There was so much enthusiasm, happiness, and expectation. However, we are also eager to perform them.

They are league champions in Belgium, which speaks something about their caliber. They are a team that is generating a lot of interest both within and outside of their own nation. Additionally, they include Alexis Mac Allister’s brother, Kevin, in their ranks. I’d say it’s not an awful tale.

Because Union SG is managed by Alexander Blessin, who is from my hometown also, I have personal motives for wanting to fight them as well. We once shared a pitch when Alexander played for Stuttgarter Kickers and I played for Mainz, as I was earlier this week reminded.


Of course, this was a long time ago, but if my memory is accurate, Alexander replaced Stuttgarter and I was removed soon after. The good news is that tonight we will be able to share a touchline for a lot longer, so I hope Alexander, his players, the Union SG staff, and the fans can take in the atmosphere of Anfield, although.

Yes, the outcome was not favorable to us. Yes, there were some instances where we lost. However, there was a lot that we as a team and a club could learn from and improve on. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. Not because it’s Union SG, but because this is the first game we’ve played since suffering a setback, tonight gives us a chance to retaliate, therefore it makes natural that we try our hardest to accomplish this.


Again, we will make the greatest use of the squad for this specific match, but whoever team I choose will be held accountable on the field. We want a successful outcome for several reasons, including our own benefit, the benefit of the group, and the benefit of our supporters.


We should make the most of both motivation and incentive as there is more than enough of both.



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