!! SHOCKING NEWS!! Ben Tameifuna Revealed what all Rugby fans should Know about…

When Wales plays Tonga in Cardiff on Saturday, they will not face 24th Ben Tameifuna. But how does the Man Mountain stack up against the greatest internationals ever?


As the Autumn internationals get underway in preparation for the World Cup next year, Wales takes against Tonga in Cardiff on Saturday.


The Pacific Island team has never defeated Wales, and they won’t have the 24-year-old Ben Tameifuna in their front row when they travel to Cardiff.

However, in terms of the greatest rugby players of all time, where does the Tonga prop stand? Sportsmail has compiled a list of some of the biggest men to have ever played the game.


Ben Tameifuna (Tonga) weighed 24 st 1 lb.

The Tonga tighthead finally revealed just how hefty he is in a conversation with Sportsmail’s WILL KELLEHER earlier this week.



The prop is thought to be the heaviest player in Test rugby right now at over 24 stone. The 27-year-old, who currently plays rugby for Top 14 team Racing 92 in France, was born in New Zealand.


His trade secret? “Too many baguettes and croissants!” I don’t have a six-pack, of course! When I look at food, I gain weight!


Fijian Bill Cavubati, 25 st 13 lb 12 oz (165 kg)

It’s thought that Cavubati is the heaviest player to have ever received an international cap. And it’s easy to understand why. The Fijian prop, who was awarded 38 caps, weighed an amazing 25 stone 13 pounds.


In 1999, Cavubati appeared in court on charges of assault. He was also employed as a bouncer. However, his sentence was commuted so he could participate in a World Cup qualifier against Tonga.


The actor, who was also employed by Work and Income New Zealand, revealed a more vulnerable side when he said, “I found it hard saying “no” to people.” It depressed me. No way could I accomplish that job.



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