Shocking News: Biggest secret revealed in Ronnie O’Sullivan relationship

Red carpets are not as pleasant for Ronnie O’Sullivan as red balls are.


“That’s me out,” the seven-time world snooker champion adds, “if I had looked at the contract and it said you have to do a premiere.” It’s not really my style. It is not easy for me to receive kindness from others.

There are many individuals being themselves in London’s West End tonight, but none more so than David Beckham. The Edge of Everything, an engaging new documentary from O’Sullivan on Amazon Prime, with the former England captain serving as executive director.



And we find out that one of the Rockets’ biggest admirers is Beckham when they share a stage for a Q&A after an exclusive showing of the movie at the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square.



“I played snooker when I wasn’t playing football,” admits Beckham, who is the same age as O’Sullivan and was raised near the snooker player’s Chigwell residence. I’ve always been a big fan of Ronnie, and over the years, I got to hang out with him a little.


According to Ronnie O’Sullivan, he spent evenings out with former football player David Beckham.


When we played in London and afterward went out for a few beers, I always ended up back at Ronnie’s place. It was one of my favorite nights as a Manchester United player. We had a few frames while his mother was preparing a cup of tea for us. I got to spend a few hours getting to know Ronnie, so that was one of my favorite nights.


As it happens, that evening was not unique. O’Sullivan tells Mail Sport his personal tale of his covert bromance with Beckham when they sit in a seventh-floor suite in a five-star hotel in Leicester Square. He remembers, “We were just chatting away when we met in Charlie Chan’s (the Walthamstow nightclub).


“Come up to Manchester,” he said, and I went up to spend two or three days with him. The level of renown was enormous. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. That kind of thing is really not my thing. I bolt toward the door.

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