“Shocking News” Steff Curry said “sad words” to Jayson Tatum

The NBA Finals are off to a terrific start. In the opening game on Thursday night, the Boston Celtics upset the Golden State Warriors 120-108. They had Golden State as the game’s favorites, thus it was somewhat of an upset. Before the fourth quarter, they were even ahead by double digits, but then everything changed. With 34 points, Stephen Curry led all scorers.

With 24 points from Jaylen Brown and 26 points from Al Horford, the Celtics defeated the Warriors 40–16 in the final frame. In eight minutes, they went from a double-digit deficit to a double-digit advantage. The following day, the media heavily criticized the Warriors for allegedly “choking” the game as Boston staged an unprecedented comeback. However, it appears that Warriors star Stephen Curry is unfazed by it.


Check out this story to find out which Celtics player has a higher net worth, Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown.


Steph Curry might have been speaking to the Boston Celtics as well as the rest of the world with only four words. “There’s really no panic,” he stated. Steph and the Warriors are no strangers to this place. They have had six finals in the last eight years. They’ve got the expertise.

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