!!Shocking!! Rude words Arteta said to Martinelli after match against Chelsea

The Gunners manager addressed the media following his team’s Premier League matchup against the Blues at Stamford Bridge.


We scored two and gave up two. I believe that the game’s opening was what went wrong. We didn’t play with enough direction or precision. We weren’t threatening them; we were just moving the ball. That is a highly risky move while playing against Chelsea. Then, when we did have them, they ran from those small quarters when we had duels with them and attacked wide-open spaces, which is a highly dangerous thing to do.


They deserve praise as well because, as you must admit, they are a top team with top players. If those two things are missing, then our squad is only average. After 20, 25, and especially in the second half when we changed it and the level, the game shifted. Despite the fact that we gave up the second goal, we improved as a team significantly. The team’s response following the second goal was fantastic, with both players on the field and guys on the bench wondering how the hell they might change the outcome of the match. That was great. Going into the changing room was also something I really enjoyed.


What did you think of the punishment?


I’d rather not comment on it since I already told the referee what I thought and I was booked.



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