Snooker player is ruthlessly told by Ronnie O’Sullivan to give up and “find something else to do.”

After John Astley lost in the first round of the Welsh Open, seven-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan gave him a harsh evaluation of his game, saying he should “find something else to do

At the Welsh Open, Ronnie O’Sullivan advised John Astley to “find something else to do” following his 4-2 defeat against Mark Williams.



Currently serving as a pundit for the competition, O’Sullivan did not hold back when questioned about a shot that Astley missed with the score tied at 2-2. O’Sullivan is a seven-time world champion.


O’Sullivan gave Astley a harsh evaluation, saying that “maybe it’s time to find something else to do” and that Astley lacks a “snooker brain” and decent technique.


“I think I should win the game if I have a chance,” he said to Eurosport. It’s difficult to turn down balls occasionally, but if I’m out of position, I’m taking it on because I just can’t accept that I won’t win the frame. In order to make sure the red goes gone even if you miss it, I would probably try to screw that in and pinch it in a little.

However, he’s not even on the black to play it that way—poor shot. It’s just that he doesn’t really have a snooker brain. You must possess a snooker brain.



There are those who excel in arithmetic, those who excel in English, and still others who just lack the snooker brain. These individuals never learn how to play the perfect shot because their brains aren’t designed to think like snooker players.


“Although I don’t think any of the top five players have a snooker brain, they can get away with it because of their excellent technique. I won’t name them. He doesn’t have either. He is not technically proficient and lacks even a snooker brain.


He will merely make thirty- and forty-somethings, miss balls, and accomplish nothing at all. Regretfully, you are forced to choose between the two. You need to be technically proficient or possess a snooker brain; if not, it might be time to choose another hobby.”




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