Snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan advises him to think about giving up because he ‘doesn’t have decent technique’ or ‘a snooker brain’

Due to his technique and lack of “a snooker brain,” Ronnie O’Sullivan has harshly said that another snooker player should think about leaving the World Snooker Tour.


O’Sullivan withdrew from the Welsh Open last week, citing “stage fright, brought on by anxiety,” as his reason for not competing.


‘The Rocket’ is now employed as a pundit for Eurosport, a position he frequently holds following his elimination from or lack of participation in competitions.


O’Sullivan was reporting on Mark Williams and John Astley’s first-round match, which the former won 4-2.


At one time, Astley was ahead 2-1, but ‘The Welsh Potting Machine’ responded with a win in the fourth frame to bring the score back to even.


After Astley missed a red in the bottom corner of the next frame while leading 47-44, Williams won the frame and went on to seal the match.

Additionally, O’Sullivan delivered a harsh critique of Astley’s methodology in his appraisal of the world no. 78 while appearing on Eurosport.



“For me, even if I’m out of position, I’m taking it on if I think I should win the game,” he stated. Sometimes it’s hard to turn down balls, but I just can’t believe that I’m not going to win that frame from that visit.

“If you miss it, at least the red disappears, so I’d try to screw that in and pinch it in a little.”


“However, he’s not even on the black to play it that way. Poor aim. Really, he doesn’t have a snooker brain, does he?


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