SN+Will the Steelers Sign Cornerback L’Jarius Sneed and Make a Major Splash?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have started the process of rebuilding their roster within the last week. It’s important to take a deeper look at some of the most significant players expected to enter the market as the free agency period approaches. Though this team hasn’t made many bold moves in the past, considering that they haven’t made the playoffs in seven years, all options ought to be considered. L’Jarius Sneed ought to be first on the team’s list of targets if they want to sign a major player.


Following an exceptionally successful 2023 season in which he recorded a career-high 10 pass breakups while allowing just one touchdown in coverage, the 27-year-old cornerback is returning to action. He has played a key role in Kansas City’s recent defensive comeback, which has allowed them to win the Super Bowl twice in a row. It goes without saying that the Chiefs would be thrilled to have him back given his development trajectory. But it’s far from a given that they’ll spend a fortune on two big contracts in one spring, given that defensive lineman Chris Jones’ contract is also up for renewal.


Would the Steelers be a suitable fit? It’s obvious that more talent is needed at cornerback. Joey Porter Jr. was acquired with the first choice of the second round, demonstrating the excellent work of general manager Omar Khan in his first draft as team captain. The significant obstacle they will face this offseason



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