Some players are “too scared” to admit that they believe Paul Pierce was superior to Dwyane Wade, according to a former NBA executive.

An NBA executive divulges the secret ranking of Paul Pierce among certain NBA players.

Nearly everyone would agree that Dwyane Wade’s career was generally better than that of Celtics great Paul Pierce. However, an NBA executive claims that there is a covert subset of players that believe that Piece is superior to Wade All-Time but are afraid to say it in public.


“I’m going to say this about Paul, Dan [Le Batard],” Elhassan declared on the Dan LeBetard Show. Paul I mentioned that everyone went crazy when you mentioned Dwyane Wade and compared his career to his. “What Paul said is something that a lot of NBA players think,” I remarked. And to be completely honest, I don’t even agree with you, but I did understand what you were saying to be true and from the heart since I know that many athletes feel the same way but lack the courage to express it.


Even though Paul Pierce was a great player in the past, there is still debate in the NBA about his career. Paul averaged 21.8 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game on 44.7% shooting throughout his 15-year tenure with the Celtics. Even though he was a regular All-Star in the East, he didn’t quite measure up to other superstars of the era, including Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and (of course) a young LeBron James. He also frequently lost postseason games.


Pierce’s career took a turn for the worse after he departed the Celtics in 2013, and he left the Clippers with little dignity after playing just 11 minutes a night. On the other hand, Dwyane Wade is largely praised by the league for his accomplishments over that same time period, which include winning three NBA titles with the Miami Heat.

Paul Pierce Claims to Be Superior to Wade

Although it’s clear from comparing their careers which player spent more time in the NBA, Paul is adamant that he could have won just as many titles if he had been in Wade’s shoes. In an interview conducted back in July, he expressed as much, attempting to counter the Heat legend’s claim that he was a superior player all around.


Naturally, the majority of fans are unable to accept that idea. Wade was not only more successful than Pierce, but he also made more plays and was one of the best scorers, finishers, and playmakers in history.


Regarding Pierce, his case isn’t entirely convincing, but it’s clear that his legacy has been tarnished since he retired a few years ago, which is undoubtedly the cause of his low popularity among fans and the media. Over the years, even players who weren’t part of the Celtics championship core have come out to criticize Pierce and the entire group. Richard Jefferson once referred to Kevin Garnett and Pierce as the “worst human beings of All-Time,” and Udonis Haslem once threatened to use violence if the two ever crossed paths again. Most recently, Pierce is remembered for his controversial Instagram Live video, which led to his termination from ESPN.


Whether you like him or not, Paul isn’t going to change for anyone, and he believes in himself more than anyone else does. Unfortunately, he might have to settle for being placed lower than some of his biggest career rivals when it comes to his position on the all-time hierarchy.

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