Speaking trash to his garbage truck colleagues, Larry Bird once said, “I’ll be back and be the boss of you guys.”

Prior to berating players such as Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, the Boston Celtics legend’s targets were his garbage truck buddies.

Among the worst trash talkers in NBA history is Larry Bird. Before Bird even set foot in the NBA, he was already known for trash-talking his teammates. The amusing thing is that Larry Legend didn’t pick someone to sabotage. Whether you’re a trash man or a basketball player, you’re on Bird’s hit list.


Trash hauler


Bird received a scholarship to Indiana University as a result of his outstanding high school basketball career at Springs Valley High School. Bird relocated to the enormous school with 33,000 students from a small town with 2,000 residents. Startled by the drastic alteration, Bird returned to his home.


“It wasn’t problems between (Bobby) Knight and me, despite what people normally assume. It was just too huge of a school. According to ESPN, Bird remarked, “I was a lost and broke homesick kid.”

Once at home, Bird took on several tasks to supplement his income. He drove a garbage truck, painted beaches, and mowed grass. Bird promised his garbage truck coworkers he would return before he packed his bags to pursue his study at the smaller Indiana State at Terre Haute.


“I told them I was heading up there to pick up some knowledge.” “Then I’ll return and take control of all of you,” Bird declared.


never returned

Bird never did come back, not right away, anyhow. It’s unknown if Bird acquired the garbage truck business and took over as the supervisor of his former employees. The fact that Bird had an incredible three-year collegiate basketball career is what will go down in history. He guided the Sycamores to the 1979 NCAA Championship game against Magic Johnson’s Michigan State after a 33-0 campaign.

The Boston Celtics selected him with the sixth overall choice in the 1978 NBA Draft, allowing him to make his NBA debut. Three NBA Championships, three league MVP awards, twelve All-Star selections, three NBA 3-point contest trophies, and numerous more honors were won by Bird. He is considered one of the best basketball players of all time now.


Kodak returned to Indiana after playing basketball professionally, this time in the roles of CEO and coach. Bird guided the Pacers to two Conference Finals and one NBA Final in his brief three-year tenure as head coach. In the 1997–98 campaign, he won Coach of the Year.

In the 2011–12 season, Bird won the titles of NBA MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year, making him the only person in league history to do so. This résumé seems appropriate for a driver of a garbage truck.

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