Stars from Aston Villa ‘want change’ as the team takes action on a flagrant uniform issue

Recent developments in Aston Villa as players call for Castore to take action on their “heavy and uncomfortable” 2023–24 uniforms.

According to reports, players “moaned to the club” about the poor quality of this season’s uniform before Aston Villa contacted the kit suppliers Castore.


The Villa team has “decided enough is enough” and “demanded change” after having trouble with the team’s “heavy and uncomfortable” uniform this season. Photos from this season’s games appear to show that the shirts appear to hold onto the players’ sweat, even though football shirts are typically made with material that prevents this issue.

Our colleagues at the Mirror claim that Villa players have voiced their complaints to the club’s management, who have then “approached Castore for a solution” and “will not take ‘no’ for an answer” in their quest for a swift resolution. The first team uniforms are a top priority, and both the home and away jerseys are rumored to have the same problem.

Replica uniforms are allegedly unaffected by the issue, with ‘player issue’ uniforms often being of higher quality and built for comfort and effectiveness during elite-level competition.


Villa and Castore agreed to a multi-year contract in May 2022, so both parties will be eager to resolve this issue quickly. The Wolves and Newcastle United uniforms are also produced by the Manchester-based company.


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