Steffi Graf signs on as a sponsor for the Berlin WTA competition.

Steffi Graf becomes the patron of the Berlin tennis tournament, following in the footsteps of former Chancellor Angela Merkel. She had rejoiced over her first triumph there.

1988’s Steffi Graf


Werner Baum/dpa A1981

Steffi Graf, a tennis legend, has become the new sponsor of the Berlin WTA tournament.

The lawn tournament organizers made this announcement.

The 22-time Grand Slam victor comes after Angela Merkel, the former chancellor.

In Berlin, Graf won her maiden competition on German soil in 1986, and the stadium has been named after her since 2004.

Concerning her patronage, the 52-year-old stated, “Berlin has played a special role in my career from the start.”

“That’s a success story in and of itself, Berlin and Steffi Graf,” said Barbara Rittner, director of the tournament: “It is a special appreciation for the tournament that she is now taking over the patronage.”

Everyone is aware of her reclusive lifestyle and her self-imposed rarity.

Superstar Japanese Naomi Osaka and German Andrea Petkovic will be in the nation’s capital starting on June 11.

Graf, a US resident, seems to be thinking about going to the competition as well.

“I have no promises to make.”

It’s not merely an hour’s drive.

Rittner said, “She’ll do everything she can to come.”

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