Steffi Graf’s world record and home record are her greatest accomplishments, according to Andre Agassi.

reverence for his wife Steffi Graf comes through—not a grudging, but a charming kind. The eight-time Grand Slam winner, who sat down with former Indian tennis great Vijay Amritraj at the International Advertising Association (IAA) global summit here on Friday evening, set the tone for the conversation by saying, “She makes him feel ‘humble’ about himself.”

Being ranked first in the world and second at home may be my greatest accomplishment. That’s not an easy thing to do,” laughed Agassi, referring to Graf, the 22-time major winner, with her expressive, dazzling eyes.

There was still more to come. Agassi’s first Grand Slam victory came in 1992 at the All England Club with the Wimbledon and Graf titles, marking her fifth consecutive victory. Agassi had begun to take a romantic interest in the German during this time. It was customary for the men’s and women’s champions of Wimbledon to dance together. However, Steffi Graf was always winning, so any male champion who won Wimbledon had the opportunity to dance with her.”

“I bought a tuxedo and went to the party even though I had never worn one before. I was eagerly anticipating the dance. However, they declared that year would be the last dance they would host. You follow all the customs, and yet you are telling me this, I thought. “I won’t be winning this title again,” declared Agassi, whose lone Wimbledon victory was from 1992.

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