STRONG TAYL The 63-year-old darts legend Phil Taylor says of his arthritis, “It killed everything,” as he fervently attempts to end his career on a high note.

Taylor disclosed that his sickness prevents him from even turning right.

As he struggles with excruciating arthritis, Phil Taylor is eager to finish his last year as a darts player on a good note.


The Power, sixty-three, will play Lakeside great Martin Adams in the opening round of the World Seniors Darts Tour’s JenningsBet Champion of Champions in Blackpool the following weekend.

In his final appearance at Circus Tavern for the World Seniors Darts Championship, he lost 3-2 against German part-timer Manfred Bilderl last month.


Taylor left the Essex location, which also functions as a lap-dancing club, furious and without saying anything.


However, the 16-time world darts champion has promised, in his first public speech, that he will not end his final season with a shocking defeat.


“That match killed my leg, it killed my back, it killed everything,” he jokingly said to Online Darts.


“Having people applaud you when you’re up there is terrible. During my match, the atmosphere was amazing and the audience was incredibly rowdy.


Being a part of it was fantastic. But it was awful to lose. I would have despised leaving like that.


“I refuse to leave like that. I’m itching to get back into the swing of things. I’m exerting all effort possible.


“I’m not throwing straight because I can’t turn right due to arthritis in my hip. I have no idea why, but my darts are missing the mark by five.


“Hopefully, I can lose a little more weight and this discomfort.”


Really, it’s a nightmare. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are in pain even if you only turn over in bed at night.


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