Tennis player Björn Borg creates a “symphony of workouts” that improves cognitive function.

Listening to the debut symphony by former world tennis champion Björn Borg may just improve your intelligence.

With a tempo of 123 beats per minute, Borg thinks his cinematic symphony, “Symphonia Exercitii Et Intelligentiae,” will raise your IQ in addition to increasing your endurance during physical activity.

Following the reading of a 1993 report by scientists at the University of California, Irvine regarding the “Mozart effect,” the Swedish former tennis player was motivated to organize the musical piece.

The 9:24 minute symphony, which is now dubbed “the world’s smartest workout track,” was created by Borg in collaboration with Jonas Valfridsson, a classical composer, a neurologist, and a training specialist.

The Jönköpings Sinfonietta performs this track live in a local concert hall in Sweden, and its fast tempo and rich instrumentation are sure to catch your attention.

“To be asked to write a symphony for training was an unusual request and a challenge as a composer,” Valfridsson said in reference to the collaboration. Inspired by my favorite Rocky I workout songs, I feel as though I’ve written the music for a superhero film of my own!

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