Terry Bradshaw believes the Steelers should continue to use quarterback Kenny Pickett: “That’s the man.”

Kenny Pickett does have a pretty major Hall of Fame quarterback on his side, despite his detractors. Terry Bradshaw, who was a part of the Steelers’ four Super Bowl victories in the 1970s, believes that Pickett, who is just two years into his NFL career, should stick with his former team.


Bradshaw declared, “I love Pickett,” on “The Rich Eisen Show.”


“I am familiar with him. He competes aggressively. He’s the hard-headed kind. He is unaffected by anything. I genuinely think he’s great.”


Bradshaw cited Brock Purdy, a fellow 2022 draft choice, as an illustration of how a young quarterback can succeed in the right environment. He believes Pickett may have comparable success if the Steelers provide him with comparable support.

“Kenny exudes poise,” Bradshaw remarked. All I need is for my quarterback to have composure. When he is poised, his mind will be clear, he will notice the coverages, and he will make decisions quickly. Pickett also have all of that.


There have been rumors that Justin Fields and the Steelers could trade for the quarterback from the Chicago Bears. That would be “a huge mistake,” according to Bradshaw.


Fields is not necessary, Bradshaw declared. “Make do with what you have. Simply build up, Pickett. Get a different receiver for him. Give him a tight end that can burn. Give him a guard and another tackle. had the capacity to keep him safe. And put guys outside for him. Right now, this is a passing league. Get him some educated people who can run and catch the football.


“That person is theirs. That’s the man I would choose, even though there will undoubtedly be a lot of bad things said about him.”


Bradshaw can identify with Pickett’s situation. Bradshaw, another previous first-round selection, took a lot of flak during his first few years in Pittsburgh. By his sixth season, Bradshaw had overcome both the external criticism and his on-field troubles. That year, he won a Super Bowl and finished his career with two MVP honors from the Super Bowl and a league MVP award. It was during his first year of eligibility that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Bradshaw’s development and the Steelers’ construction of a championship-caliber roster are not coincidental.


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