Terry Bradshaw comments on the Justin Fields deal or Kenny Pickett trade for the Steelers.

As the legendary Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers often says, “I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.” Furthermore, Kenny Pickett, the quarterback for Pittsburgh, believes it is absurd to search for another person.


One reason is that Bradshaw adores the Steelers starter, who is expected to enter his third season as the starting quarterback.

This week, Bradshaw declared, “I adore Pickett,” in an interview with “The Rich Eisen Show.” “I am familiar with him. He competes aggressively. He is the hard-headed kind. He is unaffected by anything. I’m incredibly fond of him.


According to Bradshaw, he wants his primary quarterback to remain astute while playing. That is his primary standard. The rest is taken care of by the talent around him.


Bradshaw remarked to Eisen, “Kenny has the poise.” All I need is for my quarterback to have composure. When he is poised, his mind will be clear, he will notice the coverages, and he will make decisions quickly. Pickett also have all of that

In addition, the Steelers have talent in the area of Pickett. Mason Rudolph, who played quarterback at the end of the season, experienced the same thing. With Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris, the Steelers boast a potent running attack. Diontae Johnson and George Pickens are both capable wide receivers. Also capable of blocking and catching is tight end Pat Freiermuth. Pickett, or any other quarterback for that matter, has all of the essential offensive components.


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