“The 100-Point Game Will Never Be As Important To Me As It Is To Other People,” Wilt Chamberlain once admitted, admitting he was embarrassed by his performance. You take so many chances on the field that nobody ever wants you back on their team.”

As one of the original NBA superstars, Wilt Chamberlain is renowned for his remarkable performance in the 1960s and his ability to dominate his position, something that very few players have been able to do since. Even though he didn’t have as many rings as his competitor Bill Russell—whose numbers make for some really ridiculous reading—Chamberlain was unmatched in those days.


His greatest accomplishment was the game in which he scored 100 points, a record that may never be surpassed in the NBA. In 1962, while Chamberlain was playing for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks, he scored an incredible 100 points, although he told author Terry Pluto that the game ended up being rather an embarrassment for him (via The Athletic).


His worries make sense when one considers that the main charges made against Wilt throughout his playing career were that he was primarily concerned with playing for himself and racking up numbers that would make him appear excellent. People at the time used Bill Russell’s 11 championships—despite not being as successful as Wilt—as evidence to downplay Wilt’s accomplishments.


Nevertheless, when it comes to scoring 100 points in a single game, the time period and the situation are irrelevant. Even though Chamberlain wasn’t too fond of it, doing that is an almost superhuman effort and will serve as a monument to his prowess. That kind of domination is unlikely to return to the NBA. additionally If it occurs, it will undoubtedly be a breathtaking sight to behold.


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