The best polo player in the world Adolfo Cambiaso revealed what all Poo fans should Know about as he shared amazing moments with his soulmate

Adolfo Cambiaso is not just the best polo player in the world, but he is also spearheading the effort to clone horses, altering the game’s DNA one strand at a time.

It’s difficult to remember a time when Adolfo Cambiaso wasn’t the best polo player in the world at times. We know it was 1997 because Men in Black were killing it at the box office and the Air Jordan XIIIs had just dropped. Apart than Polo, those were easier days.


Although the genius of the Argentine and his twenty-four years at the top of the rankings frequently resulted in rather clumsy nicknames (the “Messi of polo,” really?)we would rather highlight Adolfo Cambiaso’s achievements both on and off the field. Did we also mention that this guy clones horses? Yes, Adolfo Cambiaso creates champions out of champions by using the DNA from prize-winning stallions to create new ones.



Adolfo Cambiaso spoke with GQ at the Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo last month, and we discussed a number of important topics. However, as Adolfo Cambiaso nears the conclusion of his playing career, we can’t help but ponder how likely it is that Adolfo Cambiaso will be cloned. That would definitely change the game.


In AlUla, things are different but still enjoyable. It’s amazing, but we’re playing arena polo, which is three against three with a different ball made of sand. I love to play not just in my native Argentina but also in England, Palm Beach, Spain, and California. I’ve traveled to a lot of places, but to be very honest, I like to play wherever I am. One of my teammates stated, “Look what polo did for us,” when we arrived here in AlUla. It has taken us to locations we never would have gone. It is accurate. Polo offers you the opportunity.

It takes work to become the best player in the world. a great deal of labor. You have to be professional when you get up in the morning. Make an effort to eat sensibly, visit the gym, and work out almost daily. It’s an essential task for athletes in all sports. Polo players are exactly the same as football players, tennis players, and players of other sports [like this].

I am inspired by several things. I work with cloning horses, of course, but getting to play with my son is definitely the best part. We had the opportunity to play together with my older daughter. It was excellent. However, I never imagined that I could play with my son. He seemed too young to me. Fortunately, I was in error. Together, we participated in the US Open and the British Open, and we were fortunate enough to win! We’ll be playing at the Argentine Open this year, which is comparable to the World Cup for polo players.


Before I did it, no one thought that horses could be cloned. I had the impression that the polo community was against me and believed I was insane. I demonstrated to them

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