The best squad I’ve ever seen in this league, according to Larry Bird, who supported his 1986 Celtics team as the greatest NBA team ever

Many people consider the 1985–86 Celtics to be among the greatest NBA teams in history.

The 2015–16 Golden State Warriors, the 1985–86 Boston Celtics, and the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls are frequently mentioned as the three greatest NBA teams in history.


With a 40-1 home record, the Celtics concluded with the best record in the league (67-15). In addition to winning the title, the squad had several individual honors; Bill Walton was named Sixth Man of the Year, while Larry Bird was named MVP. Larry has said that the team was the greatest ever because of its level of success.

“That’s the best team I’ve ever seen in this league, and I still feel that way. “I’m sure Magic has a team he would like to oppose it with,” Larry stated in an unedited 1991 interview. “In my opinion, that is the best team that has been put together since I have been in the league.”


Why did the 1986 Celtics play so well?

Bird’s brilliance should always be associated with the Celtics’ win in 1986. Playing in all 82 games, he averaged 25.8 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game, good for his third consecutive MVP award. That year, he was outstanding, dominating every opponent he faced and making the most of the rest of the team.

Recall that Bird shot 89.6% from the charity stripe, 42.3% from beyond the arc, and 49.6% from the field, demonstrating incredible efficiency. The iconic Larry campaign demonstrated his superiority as one of the greatest sneakerheads ever.


The Hick from French Lick had one of the strongest supporting casts you could ever want for, so he wasn’t alone on his journey. Kevin McHale led the squad in scoring with 21.3 points per game, which enhanced their offensive capabilities. Danny Ainge, Robert Parish, and Dennis Johnson made up the rest of the starting lineup. Every player scored in double figures, which caused defenses to battle every night against them.

Although the Celtics’ bench was unremarkable, Bill Walton, a former MVP, developed into an excellent Parish and McHale backup. Being a dependable player, he fulfilled his role effectively and won the 6MOY trophy.


Arguably, the best Celtics ever are still those from 1986.

There have been teams that have played at the greatest level and are debatably superior than the Celtics ever since that season. The Bulls of 1995–96 come to mind, as they won the title and finished with a 72–10 regular season record.

The 73-9 Warriors of 2015–16 and the 2016–17 Dubs both have a case, but they lost in the NBA Finals. The latter were miles above everyone else in terms of overall talent, even though they didn’t have the greatest win total that year.


Although Bird argued that the Celtics of 1986 are still the best, the argument continues, which serves as further evidence that the NBA remains the pinnacle of basketball. Teams that might have surpassed the Celtics campaign show how the NBA is always changing and getting better.


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