The Boston Celtics were embarrassed by Michael Jordan and the Bulls, and Larry Bird made sure he didn’t forget it.

On December 22, 1984, Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls embarrassed Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics despite Jordan not being quite himself at the time. With 32 points from Jordan, the Bulls defeated the Celtics 110-85, their worst defeat of the year. The Bulls boasted when it was over, and 10-point scorer Bird never forgot.


Larry Bird was eclipsed by Michael Jordan in their second meeting in the NBA.

On December 22, 1984, Bird was at the height of his career and Jordan was a rookie. Bird was having three consecutive MVP seasons, and the Celtics were coming off their second championship of the decade. The Celtics defeated the Bulls 125-105 in Chicago earlier in the season.


Boston had a 23-4 record going into their second season encounter with the Bulls. Bulls scores were 14–14.


From the beginning, Jordan and the Bulls dominated. They led 84-58 after three quarters and 52-37 at the half. In 35 minutes, Jordan scored 32 points and made 12 of his 18 attempts. He also had eight assists and 12 rebounds.


Bird, meanwhile, gave a terrible performance. After 32 minutes, he had 10 points. Eleven of his fourteen attempts from the floor were misfired.



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