The idea that Roger Federer’s body still harbors the intelligency of a player called borg was never true on till now

Roger has acquired his mental toughness; it is not an innate talent. Early in his career, Federer frequently lacked focus and battled with anger on the court. Given his cool-headed exterior and his persona as a calm, unwavering champion who never gives up, it might seem strange to remember now. But Federer struggled to manage his emotions as a preteen and early teenager. He occasionally cursed and threw and kicked his racket around the court.

“I remember the first time I practised with him… he was the new talented guy in Switzerland but he was so lazy,” recalls former Swiss star Marc Rossett. “When you’re a young guy practicing on the tour, you’re usually anxious and a little stressed because you want to play well. The man entered the court with an air of indifference. I thought, “Wow.”

“It was his first final ever, and I remember crying at the ceremony the first time I played him at a tour event in Marseilles. Come on, don’t cry,” I said. “I won 7–6 in the third (set).”

Roger Federer discussed his character’s development in an interview with Clique Dimanche.

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