The new bag policy at TD Garden has angered readers.

If your bag is too little to hold anything, what good is it?”

TD Garden’s new bag ban, which went into effect over the weekend, has angered readers of and users of social media.


According to the policy, only bags that are no larger than 6 inches by 4 inches by 1.5 inches may be brought into the arena; they are also not required to be clear. According to a press release, the new regulation was developed to “ensure safety and a swifter entry process.”

The only other bags that are permitted inside are those that are included with purchases made from Boston ProShop.

In an email, TD Garden wrote, “We are re-enforcing the NHL and NBA’s ‘no bag policy,’ but as always, allow exceptions to this policy for diaper bags, medical bags, and breast pumps/bags.”

As to the TD Garden website, non-compliant luggage can be kept in a mobile locker on-site for a fee of $15.


Of the 429 readers who responded to our survey regarding the restrictions, 89% stated they found the new bag ban to be “ridiculous.”


Neil, an Uxbridge reader, commented, “Given the technology available now, this seems like overkill.” “Just screen someone if you need to because they have too much stuff.” Most individuals are aware of this.


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