The three teams Kevin Garnett, the legend of the Celtics, believes may win the NBA championship in 2024

Kevin Garnett, the Hall of Famer of the Boston Celtics, has a good understanding of the dynamics involved in winning a championship. He applied this expertise to the modern league to identify three teams he thinks have the potential to win it all in 2024.


Of course, his old team is one of the three, but which other teams in the NBA Playoffs in 2024 stand a chance to win a championship? During his segment titled “Garnett’s Bold NBA Playoffs Predictions: Top 3 Teams to Watch,” The Big Ticket predicts who will likely win banners in the upcoming offseason.

Accompanying fellow Celtics legends Paul Pierce and Tony Allen, the B-O-S Originals bring you up to date on their predictions for the 2024 championship.

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