“They Comprehend”: Jayson Tatum Explains Why He Seldom Skips Games

At one time, with a few star players sidelined, the Boston Celtics led by thirty points.


After winning five straight games, the Boston Celtics easily defeated the Washington Wizards 130-104 on their brief trip to Washington.


Even without Derrick White, Kristaps Porzingis, and Jaylen Brown, Boston won handily and in a blowout.


Sam Hauser was on his way to breaking Marcus Smart’s Celtic record of 11 triples, and he could not miss from three points. Hauser scored 30 points in 30 minutes, going 10–13 from beyond the arc. The marksman ended his night early after landing on a Wizards player’s foot and spraining his ankle.


With 14 apiece, Luke Kornet and Payton Prirtchard both shone once more. Pritchard finished with a plus-16, five rebounds, and 13 assists. Kornet had six rebounds and a 5-9 score in 20 minutes.


Once more, Jayson Tatum led the way with a 30-point performance that included six assists, six rebounds, and six 3-pointers from beyond the arc.


Tatum gave everyone a reminder after the victory as to why he almost never skips a game.


“I’ve been here seven years; they understand kind of what they’re dealing with; I don’t like to sit out,” Tatum stated. “I understand if I was injured or whatever, but, I said before, I just love to play the game.”


In 64 of the 67 games, Tatum has worn a suit.


“A large number of people wearing Tatum 0 jerseys came to watch me play, especially while I was on the road. I therefore kind of take satisfaction in making myself as accessible as possible.”




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