Throughout her career, did Steffi Graf play with any powerful male players?

Based on style, stats, and overall game, which female tennis player—Serena Williams, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, or someone else—do you believe is the greatest of all time?

It would be wise to include Margaret Court as well.


However, I’m choosing to go with Graf and Williams (open era). (I wonder how many more grand slams either of them might have won if Chris Evert hadn’t been present to compete against Navratilova):


Graf: Wimbledon 7; France 6; Australia 5;

Willims: France 3, Australia 7, Wimbledon 7, US 6,


Here, I’ll go bonkers and say Graf. Her six French Open victories seem to me to be more tougher than Williams’ seven Australian Open victories.


Graf skipped a lot of Oz and had a brief career.


I believe she would have had more grand slams than Williams if she had traveled to Australia and continued to play for a few more years.


Bravo, though, to Williams for maintaining her health for such a long time.


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