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The All-NBA player and the Boston Celtics are still at odds over a contract extension.


Jaylen Brown’s ascent to fame has been rapid and spectacular. As a rookie, Brown already exhibited intelligence. And in each NBA season since joining the league, he has improved.


Brown’s growth into an All-Star has been extremely beneficial to the Boston Celtics. Throughout, he has remained devoted to Boston and assisted in leading the team to four Eastern Conference Finals and one NBA Finals. However, it’s that loyalty that can force him to leave the city.


This week, Brown will return from his trip to Europe, and the parties will resume negotiations for a contract extension.

It’s anticipated that they will reach an agreement quickly, but would the Celtics be reconsidering their choice?


What “Supermax” deal is Jaylen Brown eligible for?

The NBA unveiled the “Designated Veteran Player Extension” (sometimes referred to as the “Supermax”) in 2017. If teams wish to sign their own players to an extension and keep them on staff, this clause permits them to offer a “Max” contract that exceeds the maximum amount permitted by law. This is only available to the team that traded for the player when he was still on a rookie deal or that initially drafted him.


However, not many players are eligible for this unique deal. To begin with, they must be starting their seventh NBA season or more. Second, they had to have accomplished one of the subsequent goals.


Are the Celtics reconsidering their decision?

Brown’s eligibility for the Supermax was activated after he was selected to the All-NBA Second Team in 2023. This is both fantastic news for Brown and bad news for the Celtics. Adrian Wojnarowski claims that Brown’s potential contract would now be worth up to $304 million over a five-year period. In NBA history, it would be the highest-paying contract



It means Boston would be taking on a 35% salary cap hit on just one player, but it also enables Boston to offer Brown a more lucrative and alluring deal than the opposition.


Furthermore, since Jayson Tatum, Brown’s teammate, was selected to the All-NBA First Team in both 2022 and 2023, he will also be qualified for the Supermax the following offseason.




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