Tracy McGrady won’t accept one persistent rumor about Wilt Chamberlain

Tracy McGrady isn’t ready to accept the Wilt Chamberlain hype in its entirety.

Wilt Chamberlain is essentially the NBA’s Paul Bunyan, as seen by his impressive résumé, which reads like a folktale. a legendary person whose professional accomplishments and legacy occasionally verge on the fantastical. Thankfully, statistics don’t lie in sports (though occasionally they do present an inaccurate picture; more on that later), and Wilt’s accomplishments on the court were indisputable. He was the NBA’s most dominant player at the time.

Someone who displayed the kind of staggering statistics that were exceptional even in his day, when offensive numbers were often exaggerated. While we’re talking about grossly exaggerated figures, NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady commented on a Wilt Chamberlain total that is definitely overstated.

“I take everything I’ve heard about Wilt’s basketball career seriously. The 20,000 is still up for debate. stated Tracy McGrady in a video posted to Instagram. In terms of basketball, I just believe that he was an anomaly. He was powerful. He was larger than all of them. He just outmatched any player he engaged in play.

In his 1991 autobiography “A View From Above,” Wilt Chamberlain said that Tracy McGrady had slept with 20,000 women. This is the amount that Tracy McGrady mentioned. There is no need to delve into Chamberlain’s methodology for arriving at this figure because it is implausible. Wilt would still be more than 7,000 shy of the 20,000 number he boasted about in 1991 even if he slept with one woman every day for 35 years in a row. The math just ain’t mathin’, as the children say.

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