Two medical issues cause the Masters snooker match to be stopped; BBC host Hazel Irvine delivers an update.

In Saturday’s second Masters semi-final at Alexandra Palace, Ali Carter defeated Mark Allen 6-3; however, the play was stopped twice because of medical issues.


There were two interruptions to the Masters semi-final snooker match between Mark Allen and Ali Carter because of medical emergencies among the spectators.


Carter, who defeated Allen 6-3 to go up against seven-time winner Ronnie O’Sullivan in the championship match, was forced to sit out the entirety of the tournament on Saturday, January 13, due to the various situations.


Play was interrupted due to a medical emergency, which was confirmed by BBC host Hazel Irvine. However, play resumed ten minutes later after the person receiving treatment. Soon after, the players resumed their intense play, anxious to face O’Sullivan in the championship match.


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