Unai Emery on a beach chilling with a white girl

Former Arsenal manager Unai Emery’s ex-girlfriend claims he called her the “white witch” and blamed her for his team’s poor performance, which led to his dismissal.



He stated that the embarrassing losing streak that led to his dismissal from the team in November of last year was caused by their tumultuous relationship and numerous arguments.


For the first time, Sacha Wright discusses her two-year affair with the 48-year-old Spaniard, which came to an end last month.

She further describes how he would keep her up all night watching two football games at once in bed and would use Google Translate on dates after games.


“I trusted Unai and really believed we would get married and have kids together one day,” Sacha, 35, stated in an interview with The Sun on Sunday.


“I considered him to be a true family man and a gentleman. However, I ultimately realized that he wasn’t prepared for a committed commitment.

Just two months before he was fired by Arsenal, Sacha broke up with Unai in September of last year.


When she brought him back in December, she said, “That’s when he started blaming me for getting him fired.” He said that because I had given him so much misfortune, I was a white witch.


“We started to lose the day we broke up,” he stated.


“He told me that after we split up, he was so stressed out that his mind wasn’t in the right place.”


The troubling Unai era, which saw the Gunners fall farther behind bitter rivals Tottenham in the Premier League and miss out on a lucrative Champions League spot, is illuminated by Sacha’s allegations.


When the Spanish manager replaced Arsene Wenger at Arsenal in 2018 after joining from PSG, a French team, he was heralded as the club’s savior.


Unai was often made fun of for his terrible English, mispronouncing phrases like “good evening” as “good ebening,” even though he finished his debut season with an 11-game winning streak and advanced to the Europa League final.


Soon after taking the position, Sacha met the former Sevilla manager. We met in the summer of 2018 and got to talking, but as I don’t watch football, I had no idea who


He informed me he was new to London, worked in the sports business, and had terrible English.


He mentioned he didn’t want to meet in a busy place when he asked me out. I told him no, no way, no way would I go to his place in Barnet when he asked.


“We decided to get together at a Hampstead Italian restaurant. The restaurant was going to close, but they left it open, so when we got there, I knew he had to be someone significant.


The man’s accent was thick. I found him beautiful right away, even though he would frequently pause our conversations to look up words on his phone’s Google Translate app.


At first, Unai was quite contemplative. I didn’t anticipate that since I have my own money, but he didn’t buy me any gifts or take me shopping. However, we did manage a few quite enjoyable trips and weekends away.


“After most games, and maybe even during the week, we would get together. He would say to me, ‘I’m having a rough time,’ if the team hadn’t been performing well. Right now, things are really tough.


He was always following the football scores and watching the game.


He would even use his iPad and PC to play separate games while he lay in bed. This would occur both in the morning and just before bed.


“I accepted it as his routine, even though it was a little annoying.” Unai declared that he was divorced and that he had spent six years apart from his wife Luisa.


However, Sacha became irritated with their relationship’s secrecy. “I never met his family, his friends, or any of the Arsenal staff,” the woman continued.


He would never announce me as his girlfriend to strangers we ran into at the restaurant, and he would become irate if someone tried to take a picture of us.


“He would get nervous when we arrived at a restaurant, but as soon as we were inside, he would calm down and begin giving me hugs and kisses.


However, my friend showed me a newspaper item from last summer that stated he and his wife had to switch seats on an airplane due to heckling.


He was like, ‘Oh my God, you don’t believe me,’ when I confronted him. He mentioned that it was his brother’s wife that he was traveling with.


“Last September, I had no idea where we were going.” “What is the point of this?” I asked him, if you are not going to introduce me to people and get settled.


He repeatedly told me that he needed more time and suggested that we proceed cautiously. I ended it by telling him I’d had enough.


Unai pleaded with Sacha to return him, but she


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