Unlikely NBA star gets close to the incredible Wilt Chamberlain mark

Daniel Gafford, the center for the Dallas Mavericks, needs to make eight more field goals to surpass the legendary Wilt Chamberlain record from 1967.
Neither Jakob Poeltl, a low-usage, high-efficiency center, nor NBA MVP contender Nikola Jokic have performed as well as Gafford has over the past week.

Gafford has hit 28 straight free throws from the field. His unstoppable run started on March 5 in the Mavericks’ 17-point defeat to the Indiana Pacers.

On Monday night, the 25-year-old’s9–9performance against the Chicago Bulls set a record for consecutive makes in the play-by-play era. This week, he has the potential to overtake the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

  1. The outstanding accomplishment of the Arkansas native puts him on track to pass Chamberlain in one or two more games.In his 1966–67 championship season, the Philadelphia 76ers Hall of Famer went crazy. In four games, he broke the record.Against the Baltimore Bullets on February 24, that season, he recorded an unprecedented 18-for-18 performance. One of Chamberlain’s 68 still-standing individual records is up for grabs for Gafford to break.

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