Update on transfers: Potential obstacles to Joo Palhinha’s move to Bayern Munich

Will Bayern even be able to move this winter after nearly missing out on the Portuguese CDM in the summer?

In one of the most discouraging transfer sagas in recent memory for the Rekordmeister, Bayern Munich almost missed out on signing Fulham FC midfielder Joo Palhinha in the last hours of the German summer transfer window. He was in Bayern’s grasp, but Fulham was unable to find a suitable replacement midfielder in time, and they have since extended the contract of the Portuguese international, which may make it even more challenging for Bayern to try to sign him during the January transfer window. His contract with Fulham now expires in June 2028.

Max Eberl might even be up for the position of sport board member on Bayern’s executive board by the time the January transfer window comes around, in which case he might, in theory, play a significant influence in that transfer window. Bayern is still interested in signing the former director of sport for RB Leipzig, but they haven’t made an official offer just yet. Instead, they’re waiting to see how Freund handles contract negotiations with a few key players on the squad.

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