VAR audio from the goal that Luis Diaz was unable to score

Listen to the audio recording of the VAR conversation that led to Liverpool’s goal being incorrectly disallowed during the 2-1 loss against Tottenham on Saturday.


body of a referee PGMOL has made available the complete audio from the VAR hub about the Luis Diaz goal that was wrongfully overturned in Saturday’s match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.


Additionally, PGMOL has disclosed the following details:


We admitted in a statement that a serious human error had happened during the aforementioned game, which we recognize should have resulted in a goal being given by VAR intervention, as was revealed shortly after the final whistle on Saturday night.

“The VAR staff scrutinized every facet of the goal, as they do in all goal scenarios. The checking phase and process began after the goal had been ruled offside by the on-field officials, and it was properly carried out by the VAR. The kick-point choice and placement of the single 2D line on the foot of the second-most rear defender were both precise.


Without adding a second line, the image that was produced made it obvious that Luis Diaz was on board. The VAR accidentally confirmed the on-field judgment due to a momentary gap in focus and concentration. He miscommunicated “check complete” and lost sight of the on-field decision. He did this without exchanging words with the Assistant VAR (AVAR).


The game then instantly resumed. After a brief delay, the Replay Operator and then the AVAR questioned the check-complete result with the VAR and requested that he review the created image, pointing out that the original on-field decision had been offside but that this had never been made known to the on-field team throughout the game.

The resultant image made it clear that Luis Diaz was on board without the need for a second line. Due to a brief lapse in focus and attention, the VAR unintentionally validated the on-field determination. He misspoke when he said “check complete” and missed the on-field choice. Without saying a word to the Assistant VAR (AVAR), he did this.


The game then began again right away. After a brief delay, the Replay Operator and the AVAR questioned the VAR’s check-complete decision and asked him to review the created image, pointing out that the original on-field decision had been offside but that the on-field team had never been informed of this throughout the entire gam


We acknowledged that the standards weren’t up to par and informed Liverpool of the mistake as soon as the match was over.


“A full report, outlining the most important lessons learned and immediate steps made, as well as the audio between the on-field officials and the VAR team, has been sent to the Premier League. The Premier League shared it with Liverpool FC first, and then with all other Premier League Clubs.


The following significant lessons have been discovered to reduce the probability of a future error as a result of the review of the on-field and VAR decision-making procedures and application of the decision-making principles:



The necessity for efficiency has always been emphasized in Guidance to Video Match Officials, but never at the price of accuracy. In order to improve the clarity of communication between the referee and the VAR team with regard to on-field decisions, a new VAR Communication Protocol will be developed.

– Before informing the on-field officials of the final decision, the VAR will confirm the results of the VAR check process with the AVAR as an additional step in the procedure.


“PGMOL is committed to improving the effectiveness of VARs with a new training program that began this season and focuses on procedure and best practice for all VARs, AVARs, and Replay Operators in their particular responsibilities. Despite the fact that we have several FIFA-recognized VARs, work is


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