Watch as Steffi Graf, pointing to husband Andre Agassi as they team up on the court, humorously denies a surprise marriage proposal during an exhibition in Cluj.

When an audience member unexpectedly proposed marriage during an exhibition match in Cluj, Romania, Steffi Graf responded brilliantly. The German quickly disregarded the idea by pointing to her husband Andre Agassi, with whom she had partnered on the court.

Agassi and Graf have put away their racquets to collaborate at the Cluj Sports Festival, a major showcase event in Romania. When they faced Andrei Pavel and Simona Halep at the BT Arena in Cluj-Napoca, the pair displayed their enduring tennis skills.A fan took advantage of the exciting doubles match to pop the question to Steffi Graf, sending the German reeling off her serve. The 55-year-old motioned to her husband Andre Agassi, who was positioned a short distance away on the court, with a humorous finger-wagging gesture to reject the proposition.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion has a history of accepting marriage offers during matches; she most notably encountered one during the 1996 Wimbledon Championships quarterfinal match.Graf had the audience in stitches when he asked, “How much money do you have?” following a fan who had stopped the German’s service routine with a marriage proposal.

After losing that specific service match, the former World No. 1 later made a joke about having to think about filing for divorce. According to the New York Times, Steffi Graf declared, “I think I’ll ask for a divorce now because I lost the game.”

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