( Watch video) Bayern Munich vs Freiburg goals and highlight

The highlights of Bayern Munich’s victory over Freiburg at the Allianz Arena are outlined below. Kingsley Coman played a fantastic game.


It’s over.

Bayern Munich prevails when the referee blows the final whistle.

1:36 PM13 hours prior

Bayern Munich scores in the 85th minute!

1:33 PM13 hours prior

73′ The action slows down a bit, as both sides start vying for possession of the ball.

1:08 PM13 hours prior

Bayern Munich uses long positions in the 64th second to slow down Freiburg’s numerous damaging attempts.

12:58 PM13 hours prior


Bayern Munich keeps up the pressure all over the field in an effort to force a defensive blunder.

12:47 PM14 hours prior

The second time starts at 46′.

12:39 PM14 hours prior


Bayern Munich leads Freiburg 2-0 as the teams enter the locker rooms.

12:21 PM14 hours prior

A compensation of 45′ 3 minutes is added.

12:20 PM14 hours prior

Bayern Munich plays significantly better in the waning seconds, puts Freiburg in difficulty, and aims to score one more goal before the half.

12:09 PM14 hours prior

Bayern Munich scores in the 25th minute!

11:56 AM14 hours prior


21′ Tight game in the middle as both sides search for their first scoring chances.

11:48 AMLast 15 hours

Bayern Munich scores in the 12th minute!

11:47 AMLast 15 hours

7′ Bayern Munich’s first corner of the match.

11:47 AMLast 15 hours

The game starts, and both teams aim to win.

11:46 AMLast 15 hours

Moments before the start

The game presentation starts, and the spectators get ready to enjoy 90 minutes of football as the match is about to commence.

11:17 AMLast 15 hours

lineup for Freiburg

The starting XI for the match is as follows:



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