What a player he was!! Wilt Chambaline will always be remembered as the Greatest player of all time for his amazing talent he had

On March 2, 1962, in Hershey Sports Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169–147 victory over the New York Knicks, setting the NBA record for single-game scoring. It is regarded by many as one of the best records in the history of the sport. Despite being thought of as a bad free throw shooter, Chamberlain achieved a noteworthy feat by setting five additional league records that game, including most free throws made. The teams surpassed the mark of 316 points for the most combined points in a game.

There are only audio recordings of the game’s fourth quarter; no video footage from the game was televised or discovered. The NBA found it difficult to contend with college basketball since it was not yet acknowledged as a major sports league. The game was just half full, and not a single member of the New York press was in attendance.

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