What a wonderful and impactful speech from Roonie after winning the Masters Championship 2024

After winning the Masters on Thursday, Ronnie O’Sullivan went into further detail about his apologies to Barry Hawkins.


The Rocket advanced to the competition’s semifinals by defeating his opponent 6-3 since he was too strong for them.


O’Sullivan said he had apologized to Hawkins for “dragging him down” as soon as the game was over.


He said, “I just feel bad for Barry.”


He was playing well until he began to play me, at which point I simply took him to what was arguably the lowest possible level of snooker.


“So I’m really sorry about that today but I’m just lucky to get through really, that’s all I can say.”


Furthermore, O’Sullivan has now clarified the reason behind his apology in a BBC interview.


“I felt bad for him because if I’d played alright and he’d played alright it would have been a good game,” he stated to the reporter.


However, I believe that I simply have a special talent for most players, whereby if I play poorly, they perform much worse.


Not all of the other males; some of them will make me pay.


But things are the way they are. Really, that’s how things have always been for me.”


In response to a question about pressure, he said, “To be honest, I don’t feel any pressure at all.


“That’s probably the reason why you need to feel a few nerves, I think it’s important to feel nerves before you play.”


In the final four, O’Sullivan will now face Shaun Murphy; the match is scheduled for this Saturday.


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