What are people’s thoughts on the possibility that “Larry Legend” (Larry Bird) had the potential to be the greatest player of all time? If so, what prevented him from dominating the game and playing like other elite players?

Among the best players in the game is Larry Legend. He did participate in the game, and for a while he was very dominant. Even though injuries ended his playing career, he remained a dominant coach. He is among the best opponents in the game. Take a listen to the legendary players Larry Bird faced. The legends they tell indicate that he is regarded as one of the greatest by the greatest. When I was a child, Christmas Day meant yearly Celtics vs. Knicks matchups.

I would take a seat near the court. He trash spoke in a way that I had never heard someone do before. Only one individual has trash spoken worse than me. That was Michael Jordan after he was furious with Jeff Van Gundy for saying something dumb that ended up in the papers. But even now, Larry continues to spout more garbage than anyone else.

It was clear that Larry Bird was exceptional from the minute he got pro. He possessed a killer instinct, a tough mentality, excellent hands and anticipation, the ability to shoot from anyplace, eyes in the back of his head, and many incredible passes. The man was a notorious trash talker who followed up his words, and he was a leader who took no shit. Games were dominated by Prime Bird.


The majority of basketball fans concur that Larry was among the greatest five players of his period (or perhaps even the top three), and he may have even been among the top 10 all-time. In a short period of time, he lost a couple more Finals and quickly won three rings.

Regretfully, Larry’s prime barely lasted ten years, much like that of his amiable competitor Magic Johnson of the Showtime Lakers, who unexpectedly resigned after learning he had HIV when he was barely thirty. Bird was crippled by a back injury he sustained when he famously redone a driveway in the off-season. His next years were spent in chronic pain, hospital stays, and missed games. (Bird lost a teammate who may have also assisted due to the cocaine overdose of future teammate and eventual great Len Bias, but that’s a different tale.)

Although Bird persisted, it was clear that he was done, and Larry Legend had an opportunity to win it all with a cameo as a member of the inaugural Olympic Dream Team.

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