What can Golden Slam winner Steffi Graf teach Novak Djokovic?

The World No. 1 Serb could take a cue from the German superstar who, in 1988, won the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics and swept the four Slams, viewing fan approval, affection, and recognition as a giant MEH.

The world is likely to believe Novak Djokovic if he claims to be able to walk on water. The lofty new year’s objective seemed reasonable and achievable to most when the Serb stated late last year that his goals for 2024 were to win the Olympic gold medal in Paris and sweep the four Slams. Those who had closely followed the then-19-year-old Steffi Graf’s incredible 1988 Golden Grand Slam year were not persuaded by the Serbian living legend.

Despite owning a world record 24 Slam victories, Djokovic is not the Steffi of the late 1980s at age 36. That bar from 1988 is too high. In all, the German superstar dropped just two sets during her four Grand Slam victories. By the way, in the first two rounds of the season’s first Grand Slam, the Australian Open, Djokovic has already dropped two sets.

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