WHAT MUST HAVE HAPPENED” 🤯🤯 Johnny Hekker player will not be playing the rest of the season due to…

Come season two, Johnny Hekker won’t be chopping wood in Charlotte with Chris Tabor.


Chris Tabor, the special teams coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, will not be on the team in 2024, as was originally revealed by ESPN senior NFL insider on Friday. Hekker responded in this way after serving as Tabor’s unit’s punter for the previous two years.


Hekker and Tabor both began playing for the Panthers in 2022. With the four-time first-team All-Pro in his possession, Tabor stated the following about Hekker before to even entering a game:


I’ve had a lot of experience playing against him, and I’ve slept less because of it. He’s an amazing athlete. He has undoubtedly been among the league’s top punters. Just looking at him statistically, you can see that the Rams only had nine punt returns against them the entire previous season. For the majority of teams, you’re probably around the 35–40 bracket. Punt location, just him taking away returners.



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