When Larry Bird and Kevin McHale were teammates on the Boston Celtics, what kind of connection did they have?

Two of the NBA’s most powerful players in the 1980s, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, helped the Boston Celtics win three titles and became unquestionable icons of the sport. However, a lot of fans might not be aware of how complicated their relationship is off the court as much as on it. In this video, renowned reporter Bob Ryan shares his observations and tales from his years of covering the Celtics as he talks about the special bond between Bird and McHale.


Ryan explores how their playing styles and personalities suited each other, as well as how their relationship fueled their success. In addition, Ryan shares a few of his favorite memories of their time spent together.

Viewers will acquire a deeper understanding of the relationship between two of the best players in the history of the Celtics through Ryan’s accounts of some of the most significant moments in the team’s history.



Watch the video posted above to learn more about the distinguished journalist’s thoughts on this remarkable pair.


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